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Succén kommer nu även till Stockholm! Den maj förvandlas Victoriahallen på Stockholmsmässan i Älvsjö till en riktig fitnessfestival! Och ett riktigt festivalparty på kvällen, såklart! Fotograf Lennart Bergström delar återigen...

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That subject contains 9 replies, has 0 voices, and was terminating updated alongside   Anonym anvandare 6 years, 7 months ago. Scan att det har cirkulerat en blur här på brädan eller var det på exhale? Ngn som investigate vem som avses och var the human race kan hitta filmen? Har sökt — utan resultat dock…. Inspect att Rodney St. Cloud tror toot han stavar det Injunction, brukar köra det numret med concealment och grejer…plus att han är en grym posör med..

Han hade en vit false colours som täckte halva ansiktet. Har hittat bilder från den rutinen men inget filmklipp ännu.

Norda Vind: Omg! Ukrainian! thank you guys!)

Honey Bear: Any fellow brits here?

Ricky Kha: Jajajaja cualquiera. . bueno si

Leandro Costa: So far, after watching these videos, it seems like Irish women and Danish women are the best.

Niels W: No.that's not really a typical beauty of China. The double eyelid is right, but square face is not popular. Also, pale skin and higher nose bridge are preferred. Fan Bingbing is the most typical one.

Rankytheskate: She just sang a Diam's song omg I love her

Matias Bonta: Se la rifaron, this video is so accurate.

Tom Schreiner: This should be called English accents

Don Draper: Mamma porco giuda chiudi quel cazzo di frigo!

Ebony Wells: A Irish'? Really? Is editing the title that difficult?

Cyric London: I'm french AND don't fuck about food ! vegan cheese ? WHAT ?

Georgia: Just like any other women?


Fer Moya: Taking applications for a Russian girlfriend

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För de svenska damerna gick det dock lite sämre. Craig Titus [ hemsida ] 4. Tävlande kan tjäna placeringar genom vara bättre än motståndaren i en pose. Jonny "Roboten" Westman, Seniorer Det hela känns overkligt och skrämmande.

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Skvalparn: I've lived in Germany twice. I'd rather have a Irish women. The Bavarians are great but the rest of the country is just too serious and sometimes quite snobbish especially the northern Germans. Like they've still got a case system or something. Though they are a bit hard get to open up once you have a German for a friend it's just about for life. Still I love the Irish better just a great sense of humor

Macie Smith: Plz do one more and include Scandinavia! :D I'm Norwegian! c:

Brian Clough: I don't think Spanish was well represented. Spanish from Spain sounds much better than Mexican.

Jan Svoboda: Wow, are Brazilian girls really like this? I need to visit Brazil. Or better yet, live there permanently :P

TheAlmighty: Stereotipe of South Italy girl.

K Diamant: Indians guys are worst in the world . Stupid horny basterds . Thousands of girls get rapped in India everyday . and in the video indian guys are tall and light skin (like italins ). But in real they are around 5/6 ft tall and dark skin . They cant even speak English properly .

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