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Kyligt möte Sněžný muž Hugo: Tjeckoslovakien Sänd via svensk TV-program: Midvinterbio med Anders Forslund Svensk bearbetning:

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Am i right to be worried?

ChrisTara: Omg this is SO true! And really funny! Loved it! :)

Beatrice: You Know You are Dating a PORTUGUESE Woman When.

Soulayha: None of their accents sounded sexy to me ):

TokyoAnime: Can you make a video about asian guy dating italian girls.

Rickygayson: Why no dark skinned ladies? They can be pretty damn attractive

Jennica Ray: Are your sure is colombian? she sounds more like Venezuelan .

Mixers BR: You know you are dating russian women when you get drunk and she is totaly fine and carry you home

Pedro Teodoro: This was the cutest thing!

AnakinLover: I don't know if these are all true, I've heard that italians are mostly players but they definitely are romantic,polite and know how to flirt and treat a woman! btw I was so glad that you filmed it in Florence!I love this place so much!

Papoopa5800: A good lesson to anyone looking for Russian wife'. They are massive cunts and scammers, they will destroy your marriage and family just as easy as they destroy family unit of their own population in Russia. Beware Russian cunts if you value your life, freedom and money.

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Daniel Kam: The following isn't correct;

Huy Luong: Yes mexican women can be as pinkfloyd any colour you like, but the atractive ones only care about money, be careful, the kind of beautiful can be extremely gold diggers.

Abiar Alshaya: Oh my God, I dated an irish gal and she used to that with my jumpers LOL

Eilleen Ej: For me, the times I've been really successful are when I havent given a shit : just laughed, danced, not cared about 'picking up'.trick is that's hard to do 'naturally because deep down you WANT to get the attractive girl you're after, but it's a fine line between acting casual and trying's an art :)

Emily Harris: I wanna see more of the RP guy! Who is he?

Fredrik Chang: Turkish guy probably chose the worst Turkish dish because I try most Turkish food and it was amazing

Toon Link: I've been waiting for this for a long time, it's so accurate! Thanks guys! :)

Hiroroll: Things that don't make sense in the video: the fact that she's called Ashley and she's supposedly Portuguese and the fact that she picks up the phone in English. I loled at the pastel de nata in the pocket at the end, though.

Black Soul99: In South Africa we have a language called Afrikaans and it sounds so aggressive!

Aventureirx: The man's not hot one was so cringe

Aditya Jain: The cuck capital of the world, handing over their country to invaders

Kdandsheela: Couldn't be more true :'D

Joe Mel: Cmon not a single Asian language?

Dawn Gianni: This isn't true, not all Italians be as this men

Trace tugging dick

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